His voice is cold at first. It seems unfeeling. But if you listen without fear, you find that when he speaks, the most ordinary words become poetry. When he stands close to you, your life becomes a song, a praise. When he touches you, your smallest talents become gold; the most ordinary loves break your heart with their beauty.
—Keturah and Lord Death
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love at first sight! <3 i really love books with illustrations. child at heart

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I have a craving for mystery-murder-detective this month. It started when I read The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Then I followed it with Agatha Christie’s The Body In The Library.Right now, I’m reading And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

So when I found this book in book sale I bought it. I’m not sure if I will read it this month but you’ll never know. :)

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From the time she was young, she knew that her true love was there, somewhere, living a life that would one day intersect her own. Knowing this made every day full of sweet possibility. Knowing that her true love lived and breathed and went about his day under her same sun made her fears vanish, her sorrows small and her hopes high.
— Keturah and Lord Death
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Books I bought from Fullybooked Gateway branch renovation sale. 50% off on all items. I want to buy many books but I’m still on my Tipid mode so I just bought my two most favorite among all the books there. This trade paperback version of Boy’s Life is actually my  second copy. The first one was given to me by a friend. I am the type of person who keeps on buying different versions of my favorite book so I quickly hugged this trade copy when I found it tucked in the shelf. Of course I plan to read Boy’s Life again using this bigger version <3

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I promised myself I will resist from buying books. So I just took a picture of these two that I want to buy but didn’t. I hope they can have a good owner that will love them as much as I should have done. <3

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Author: Tanith Lee

Genre: Fairy Tale retelling, Dark Fairy Tale, Short Story



How would it be if Snow White was the real villain & the wicked queen just a sadly maligned innocent?
Only Tanith Lee could do justice to it. In RED AS BLOOD, she displays her soaring imagination at its most fantastically mischievous.


Red As Blood is a dark retelling of the famous fairytale Snow White. In this story, Tanith Lee created a very vivid and eerie depiction of the tale with the Evil Queen as the center of it all. In her version, the Queen is not evil. In fact she is a good witch. Snow White here is named Bianca, a princess with a very mysterious and dark disposition who hates to go out of the castle before dusk, with skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood. And for an eerie reason, the magic mirror of the Queen can see all the creatures in their land aside from Bianca. The story unfolds with the same plot and elements as the original fairytale but with darker twists and turns that made me want to read it again and again.

This is actually the first time I ever encountered Tanith Lee and I was amazed by her writing style. There is something magical about her voice that captured me. I also like the way she combined Fantasy and Religion in Red As Blood. From the silver cross the queen tries to give to Bianca, to the spell the queen requested to the fallen anger Lucifer and most especially, the “Prince Charming” who saved Bianca in the end.

I only gave this four stars instead of five though, because I think there is something missing at the end of the story. I just can’t quite point my finger on what it is. 

Red As Blood also reminded me of Neil Gaiman’s own version of Snow White entitled Snow, Glass, Apples, in which the Queen is not really the evil one and that Snow White is also not what she seemed to be. I’m still trying to find out if these stories are related to each other (like maybe these stories were in the same anthology or something?). Anyway, I like both of the stories. They are even written differently. I just can’t ease away this curiosity. I hope I can find out the relationship between these stories soon.

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now reading….


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Julian died alone, convinced that nobody would remember him or his books and that his life had meant nothing. He would have liked to know that somebody wanted to keep him alive, that someone remembered him. He used to say that we exist as long as somebody remembers us.
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» A Banquet For Hungry Ghosts: A collection of deliciously frightening tales


Author: Ying Chang Compestine

Genre: Collection of Short Stories, Chinese Literature, Gore, Horror



According to Chinese tradition, those who die hungry or unjustly come back to haunt the living. Some are appeased with food. But not all ghosts are successfully mollified. In this chilling collection of stories,Ying Chang Compestine takes readers on a journey through time and across different parts of China. From the building of the GreatWall in 200 BCE to themodern day of iPods, hungry ghosts continue to torment those who wronged them.

At once a window into the history and culture of China and an ode to Chinese cuisine, this assortment of frightening tales—complete with historical notes and delectable recipes—will both scare and satiate!


Contrary to what the title suggests, this collection of short stories is more gore than frightening. The stories are arranged like a full course meal, the title of each story is the name of the delicacy, with recipes every end of the story. It is ironic though, because you will never think of that food the same way again after reading the stories corresponding to each recipe.

The writing style of the author is okay. Not splendidly beautiful but not also very hard to read. I like that there are sections where she talks about the Chinese Culture and History that she related to the stories. My most favorite part was about the legend of Hungry Ghosts in China, where it is said that Ghosts who died hungry often haunts the living. That’s why every Ghost Month (around August) people from China always leaves food on their doorstep so that they will not get haunted by these hungry ghosts.

The stories, however, as I have said before, are not frightening. I was not frightened while reading it but I was bothered. I keep on wondering why despite the simple story-telling the story sticks to my mind like glue. For example, there was a section about fried dumplings. But after I read the story related to it, I can’t look or think of dumplings without remembering that story. It’s creepy actually.

Though I don’t think an adult will be frightened by these stories, I think it will frighten the younger ones at the same time it will give them a lesson. That if you do something bad to other people, it will come back to you ten-fold, just like what happened to all the characters in A Banquet For Hungry Ghosts. 

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To DO greatly. We must DARE greatly.
—Lord Byron
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Author: Haruki Murakami

Genre: Magic Realism, Japanese Literature

Rating: ★★

“Someday, you’ll find the right person and you’ll learn to have a lot more confidence in yourself. So don’t settle for anything less. In this world there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only do with somebody else. It’s important to combine the two in just the right amount.”


A sleek, gripping novel of encounters set in Tokyo during the spooky hours between midnight and dawn, by an internationally renowned literary phenomenon.

Murakami’s trademark humor, psychological insight, and grasp of spirit and morality are here distilled with an extraordinary, harmonious mastery. Combining the pyrotechnical genius that made Kafka on the Shore and The Wind-up Bird Chronicle international bestsellers, with a surprising infusion of heart, Murakami has produced one of his most enchanting fictions yet.


I like the overall feel of After Dark. I love the concept of what happens in a city after the train stops running and before it starts again. It was eerie and mysterious and a little scary. Because it made me wonder, what will happen while I’m asleep? Will I be transported to some dimension or something? Will I still wake up at my own bed? That kind of thing. Also I used to think of doing what Mari Asai did in this book but I was just too afraid to do it in reality. Probably I will never really do that ever.

At first I was taken aback by the point of view. But as I read along I got the hang of it and I was able to imagine in vivid detail everything in the scene. It was like I was reading a script Murakami style.

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(December 31, 2013) Seriously… sinong gustong sumali? 

I’m in! <3

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because it feels great to read books with friends. :)


(December 31, 2013) Every year me and my friends (who are also book hoarders) always challenge ourselves to read fifty books a year. It was our way to motivate ourselves to read the books we bought. We did manage to fulfill it during 2012 and we seem to improve our “reading skills” during 2013. I was also glad to read variety of books like anthology, comics, manga (not the online version), light novels, and even a non-fiction book that can be considered as a dictionary. With this experience I wish to read more and explore more genres and type of books. And I’m hoping that Tagalog books will be part on our list of books I read next year. 

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» The Best Books I’ve Read for 2013


Tomorrow is New Year! When I think of all the books I’ve read this year, I keep asking myself what book is my most favorite out of the 82 books i’ve read. And no matter how much time I think about it, only one book comes to my mind. Frances Hardinge’s A Face Like Glass. For me, this is the best book I’ve read this year. This is the book that I will surely re-read again in the near future (maybe next year).

Second place to A Face Like Glass is William Goldman’s The Princess Bride. Aside from these two books, I still have five books that I rated five and as “FAVORITES" this year.

So for 2014, I’m thinking of my bookish resolutions.



3. READ BOOKS WRITTEN BY FILIPINO AUTHORS (and preferably written in tagalog)



I hope I can pull it off. Happy New Year!s

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